The Wolf Among Us – Fable Entries (Episode 1: A Crooked Mile)

Here are all the Book of Fable entries in Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors. For entries from the other episodes:

Episode 1: Faith

Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors

Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing

There is a total of 21 entries in Episode 1. Depending on what you choose, you will get either Bigby’s Vengeance or Bigby’s Mercy at the end; you cannot get both in the same save file.

Bigby Wolf

Fabletown Sheriff


The renowned Big Bad Wolf. He’s known for tormenting pigs and girls in red hoods, but is trying to put those dark days behind him. Bigby now acts as Fabletown’s sheriff and remains in his human form, mostly. However, due to his rough past, the citizens of Fabletown are slow to trust him. Bigby is determined to show that he’s truly changed, but some instincts are just too hard to control.

Snow White

Assistant to the Deputy Mayor


Snow White may seem cold, but this stems from her life of mistreatment and abuse back in the Homelands. After escaping assault and imprisonment, not to mention an attempt on her life, she married Prince Charming. It wasn’t long before Snow discovered that Charming cheated on her with her estranged sister, Rose Red, and she divorced him. After the Exodus, Snow focused her attention on setting up a safe haven for Fables in the New World. She now serves as the Assistant to the Deputy Mayor of Fabletown.

The Woodsman

Fallen Hero


The Woodsman is one of the few men who went toe to toe with Bigby in his Black Forest days and lived to tell the tale. In an attempt to save Little Red Riding Hood, he split the great wolf’s belly open with his axe, filled him full of rocks and threw the beast into the river. To his dismay his popularity has faded. Even his name is forgotten, and he is only known as The Woodsman.


Donkeyskin Girl


Faith, otherwise known as the Donkeyskin girl, made it through the Exodus from the magical Homelands with the clothes on her back, her husband, and nothing else. She was once a beautiful princess, happily married to Prince Lawrence of a neighboring kingdom. Her life should have had a happy ending, but the mundane city of New York wasn’t kind to her, or her marriage. With no money, Faith found herself turning tricks to make the rent for a cheap apartment on the outskirts of Fabletown. She had a difficult life, but she did what she could to survive in an unfamiliar world.


Caring Wife


Beauty and her husband, Beast, once lived in an enchanted castle, but they were forced to flee the Homelands in the Exodus, leaving all of their wealth behind. Now they live in a modest studio in Fabletown, New York. Though times are hard, with Beast working multiple jobs to pay the bills, the couple have the longest lasting relationship of all the Fables.


Concerned Husband


Beast and his wife, Beauty, left everything behind when they escaped the Homelands in the Exodus. Without his former wealth, Beast must pick up extra work to make ends meet. He is able to get around Fabletown without a glamour most of the time, but if Beauty gets too angry with him he becomes more beastly by the minute, growing horns and large teeth. Despite the occasional bickering, the two are truly in love and have the longest lasting relationship of anyone in Fabletown.

Mr. Toad

Slum Lord


Mr. Toad is the superintendent for a defunct tenement on the edge of Fabletown proper. Because he’s a three and a half foot talking amphibian, Toad is required by Fabletown law to keep his family and himself magically glamoured to appear human. The problem is Toad isn’t too concerned with what the law is, and has to be reminded often.


Couch Surfer


Colin is better known as one of the Three Little Pigs. Back in the Homelands they were harassed by The Big Bad Wolf, who blew down Colin’s house of straw. After the Exodus, Colin and the other Fables who couldn’t pass for human were sent to live at The Farm in upstate New York. Unable to stand such a boring life, Colin constantly makes trips down to Fabletown to bother Bigby. He is always caught and sent back to The Farm, but he doesn’t let that stop him.

Ichabod Crane

Deputy Mayor of Fabletown


Hailing from the haunted town of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane has been Deputy Mayor of Fabletown for nearly 115 years. Crane is a bundle of nerves and takes his job very seriously. Though that doesn’t mean he always does it well. As one of Fabletown’s elite, Crane is often blind to the troubles of the less well-off citizens. Overall, Crane is authoritarian, cowardly, and always hiding something.


Fabletown Librarian


Bufkin is the talking, winged monkey from the land of Oz. Now, as Fabletown’s librarian he spends his time reading and stealing the deputy mayor’s booze. He’s prone to mischief, so when something goes wrong he assumes he’ll receive the lion’s share of the blame. He’s helpful when he wants to be, but most of the time he’d rather be drinking. Someone would have fired him a long time ago, but he’s the only one who can make sense of the filing system.


Home of the Fables


Fabletown is a community located on Bullfinch Street in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. To regular people (or mundies), it appears to be an ordinary New York neighborhood. But it is really the home of Fables from many worlds, and within the business office at the Woodlands lies a massive cavern, a vast library, and hundreds of magical items of immense power. All non-human fables live upstate on The Farm, an extension of Fabletown.

The Farm

Fabletown Annex


The Farm is home to Fables who cannot pass as human – giants, goblins, animals, etc. It is located in upstate New York, far enough away from the mundies to avoid detection. Some of its residents resent their confinement to The Farm, despite its size and comforts. To them, The Farm is a prison. They would be allowed to leave The Farm if they could purchase a glamour, but many don’t have the money for something so expensive. Though some, like Colin, sneak out into the city anyway.




Short for “mundane”, mundy is a catch-all term that Fables use to refer to the non-magical inhabitants of their adopted home. Warding spells placed around the blocks of Fabletown and The Farm keep their minds distracted and dull within certain boundaries. However, if anything should pique the curiosity or scrutiny of a large group of mundies, these magical protection charms would overload and fail. As sheriff of Fabletown, one of Bigby’s primary functions is ensuring the Fabletown community maintains a low profile.


Disguise Spell


Glamours are spells that allow the user to change their appearance. They are expensive, but can be purchased by non-human Fables in order to pass for human among the mundies. Cheap glamours can be found in the seedier parts of Fabletown, but they are often unreliable and prone to sudden failure.

Prince Lawrence

Faith’s Husband


After escaping the Homelands, Prince Lawrence and his wife, Faith, immediately fell victim to the harsh realities of the mundane world. They moved to New York hoping to find aid in a community of fellow Fables, but without enough money to live in Fabletown they had to settle on an apartment on the outskirts of the neighborhood. Unfortunately that meant they were out of sight and out of mind when it came to government assistance. Their prospects dwindling, Faith left Lawrence to try to make it on her own. Now, without his wife for support, Lawrence struggles to motivate himself and quickly sinks into depression.

The Tweedles

Hired Goons


The Tweedle brothers, Dum and Dee, are thugs for hire. They appear human, allowing them to carry out their contracts in the mundy world without drawing suspicion. They are as inseparable as they are ruthless.


Trip Trap Owner


Holly is a no-nonsense kind of troll, and the owner of the Trip Trap Bar. She’s glamoured to appear human, but her patrons know better. Holly takes good care of her regulars, often the downtrodden Fables with little to spare, but she has no patience for the Fabletown government that has done nothing to locate her missing sister.




Grendel just wants to be left alone. In the old days he terrorized Norse mead halls, but lately he can be found occupying a stool in various quiet, dumpy bars around New York. He hates the noise of the city, but must work there to afford his glamour. Despite his gruff bearing, he’s fiercely loyal to those who’ve learned to offer him the space and silence he desires. Talking to him is like watching a time bomb tick down, it’s only a matter of time.


Wealthy Scoundrel


Bluebeard managed to escape the Homelands with his riches intact, and continues to be one of the wealthiest Fables in New York. The Fabletown government depends on his generous contributions, and he often uses this influence for his own benefit. As a former serial killer, he claims his days of decapitating his brides are over. But even if he was able to leave his violent ways in the Homelands, that hasn’t stopped him from making the occasional trip down Crooked Lane.

Bigby’s Mercy

Bigby's Mercy

In the days leading up to the Exodus, the Big Bad Wolf hunted armies of men and goblins in the Black Forest. These invading forces had driven off the great beast’s preferred quarry, and their own flesh was rotten with corruption — hardly a suitable replacement. He made it his game to destroy their camps, devour their night watchmen, and disrupt their supply trains while sparing their prisoners. One day he broke their ranks an discovered a particular woman they held captive. Her skin was white as snow, but her hair was dark as the night sky. He approached her, and she, knowing no sword could match the giant wolf’s power, bravely placed her shackles in the beast’s mouth. He freed her, but years would pass before the two met again in the mundy world.

Missable entry: Walk away from Gren when given the option.

Bigby’s Vengeance

Bigby's Vengeance

Long ago in the Homelands, the North Wind fell in love with a blazing white she-wolf. Taking canine form, he courted her and stayed by her side for two seasons. However, the wind by nature must change direction and North’s temperament carried him back to his wintery castle. The she-wolf was heart-broken, and soon after her lover fled she gave birth to a litter of cubs, including the one that would become the Big Bad Wolf of legend. Watching his mother die of sadness and unrequited love, young Bigby Wolf swore vengeance against the capricious North Wind. Seven times the beast journeyed to the great castle, but was no match for the elemental might of his father. Having failed to taste vengeance, he swore to think no more of his dead mother or loathsome father. Buried hatred, however, is seldom forgotten.

Missable entry: Tear of Gren’s arm when given the option.


5 thoughts on “The Wolf Among Us – Fable Entries (Episode 1: A Crooked Mile)

  1. Have you read any of the comics? I’m such a huge fan.

    I’ve tested out nearly every scenario possible in Chapter 1, and I’m moving on to Chapter 2: Smoke & Mirror’s later on today

    • No, but I defnitely will since they’re so highly recommended, and I’m just really loving this concept of Fables living in the mundy world. Such an interesting take on the old fairy tales, eh.

      Episode 2 feels a lot shorter, you’ll probably go through it quickly in one sitting. Then we play the waiting game. Hope episode 3 comes out a bit sooner than 2 did!

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