Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Storage Tips

A common complaint in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is that there is just not enough storage for all our cool stuff. With the wide variety of furniture sets, clothing, trophies and other collectibles, the 180 storage slots can seem a bit limiting to most players, so here are some tips to help you out with that.

Museum 2F


Once you unlock the second floor of your museum, you essentially have four new storage rooms. They are technically personal museum displays, but as you can place anything in them in any way you want, it is a useful place to have to store things you’re not immediately using.


Shrink wrap it!

If you go to the Nooklings and purchase some gift-wrapping paper, it will “shrink” any item down to a small 1×1 unit package that you can place anywhere. This is handy for space, however keep in mind that once wrapped, the item will only be known as “Present” in the game, so try remember what you wrap up.




Attaching items to letters is also a common way to save space. You can put “gifts” with any letter, which can then be stored at the post office, essentially giving you an extra 180 slots for items. Again, use only if you have a system to figure out which letter holds which present, or else it can be a bit of a hassle to get your things out again.

Mule characters

Each New Leaf town can have a total of four player characters, each with their own separate inventory. With that said, if you create a new character, you can have an extra 180 storage slots to use.

If you can buy it, sell it

Once your Nooklings upgrade their store to the T & T Mart, you will unlock a catalog machine, which you can use to purchase items that you have owned before. Not everything is re-orderable from the catalog, but many common furniture and clothing can be. Knowing that, with the catalog you can safely sell any common items you are not immediately using, and re-order them when/if you need.



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