The Wolf Among Us – The “Librarian” Achievements

Note: I’m not updating this anymore; instead, I’ve split the Book of Fables page up so that there’s a page for each chapter, and under the Fable entries that require you to replay scenes to collect, I’ve added notes on how to unlock them so that you can get all the entries and achievements. 

Warning: Some plot spoilers for The Wolf Among Us: Episodes 1 & 2 ahead.

In terms of achievements, The Wolf Among Us is pretty straightforward – of the two episodes released so far, there is currently 14 achievements you can get, 12 of which only require you to, well, play the whole game.


Within the game there are also “Books of Fables” you can unlock, which basically shed some light on the characters, or Fables you meet in the story. Two of the game’s achievements are gained by getting every entry in the game. These Fable entries are usually collected as you talk with certain characters or examine certain things, so be sure to interact with everything you see, if you don’t want to miss any – some are actually a pretty interesting read.

There are a few Books of Fables that can be easily missed though, because it is actually impossible to collect all the Fable entries with one playthrough – the choices you make in the game not only alter your story, but also which Books of Fables you will get.

Novice Librarian Achievement


This is the Books of Fables achievement for episode 1, in which there is a total of 21 Fable entries to unlock. Assuming you took the time to speak with everyone and look at everything (the game usually makes you do all that stuff anyway), you should have 20 by the end of the chapter, and the only miss-able one lies in one of the last decisions you make:


If you choose to tear off Gren’s arm, you get the Fable entry titled “Bigby’s Vengeance”.

Choosing to walk away will instead get you “Bigby’s Mercy”. So, in order to get both you will need to use up another save file. Thankfully, the episodes are broken into chapters, so you can start near the end of the game to make this happen.

Apprentice Librarian Achievement


This is the Books of Fables achievement for episode 2 – this time around, there are only 11 new Fable entries.

Getting all the Fable entries here will depend on how you play the interrogation scene with either Dee or Woody.


Getting through the entire interrogation without laying a finger on the suspect unlocks “Bluebeard’s Mercy”, while beating him up will get you “Ichabod’s Denial”.

Additionally, while this isn’t choice-based like the previously mentioned entries, it can still be easily missed: in the Business Office after the interrogation, after you speak with Toad and TJ, Snow will ask if you want to examine the body. Tell her “not yet”, and go speak with the Magic Mirror to unlock its entry.


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