Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Store Hours

Able Sisters

10AM – 9PM


10AM – 8PM

Nook’s Homes

10AM – 8PM


9AM – 11PM


10AM – 10PM

Club LOL

8PM – 12AM

During the day, you can enter Club LOL from 12PM on, but KK will not be there yet. During this time, you can give snacks to Dr. Shrunk, and in turn he will give you emotions to use in multiplayer mode.

Nookling General Stores

  • Nookling Junction: 8AM – 10PM
  • T & T Mart: 7AM – 12AM
  • Super T & T: 9AM – 8PM
  • T.I.Y: 10AM – 11PM
  • T & T Emporium: 9AM – 9PM

Gardening Shop

Initially open from 9AM – 8PM, but once the Gardening Store combines with the Nooklings’ store, it will have the same hours as the general store (listed above).

Open All Day

Town Hall

Train Station

The Roost

Post Office

Police Station


Dream Suite


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