The Last of Us: Left Behind – coming this Friday!

With mere days left until the release of The Last of Us‘ single player DLC, I’m sure many players are just dying to see Ellie again, and, of course, finally meet someone who was clearly a very important person in her life. In anticipation of The Last of Us: Left Behind, here’s a quick recap of what we know of the DLC so far:

Left Behind will be a prequel to The Last of Us – it begins with a reunion between Ellie and her best friend Riley. She had supposedly been gone for around 45 days or so prior to the beginning of the DLC, and the official opening cinematic reveals that Riley had just become a member of the Fireflies.

In terms of gameplay, we will play as Ellie for the entire duration of the game. Also, from the events of The Last of Us we can assume that there will be much more stealth or puzzle-like activities involved in Left Behind, as Ellie did not know how to shoot a real gun or really use any weapons other than her handy switchblade prior to meeting Joel.

Neil Druckmann has stated that the game will focus more on emotion over action, and we know this DLC will (again) have a heart-wrenching ending to it, since we know how Riley’s story ends. Left Behind is supposed to fill in the gaps of the comics American Dreams, which is good, because while the comics were great and already were a decent prequel on its own, it was a little short and lacking in details.

It will also be more “playful” – like the scenes in the comic books, the teens will be visiting the mall, having fun, and overall just being kids.

“It was such a sweet idea,” said Druckmann. “This is what teenagers do. They skip school and go to the mall, they goof around and have fun. What’s the post-apocalyptic version of that? Because they live these harsh lives, it’s really interesting to us to say what if we play with that, and with two teenagers goofing around and having fun, but then you still see the reality of that world. Where we can afterwards go home – maybe you’d get grounded if you skip school – for this there are much greater consequences if you screw up.”

It is a pretty sweet idea; I love it. I mean, as much as I love the gritty, action-packed adventure with Joel, this sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to see how it’ll play out.


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