Animal Crossing: New Leaf – How to Unlock Shops & Features

Timmy and Tommy’s Stores

Timmy and Tommy’s store slowly upgrades from a modest little shack with few items to sell, to an impressive three-floor shopping center over the course of the game.


T&T Emporium, the final upgrade

Each upgrade takes a certain number of days to pass, and you also need to spend a certain number of bells. A few of the upgrades also take some additional requirements, as listed below.

Bells spent Days passed Notes / Other requirements
Nookling Junction Nookling Junction is available from the start.
T&T Mart Spend at least 12,000 bells at Nookling Junction 10 days since game started Must be living in a house (pay off first mortgage).The catalog machine will be available in T&T Mart.
Super T&T Spend at least 25,000 bells at T&T Mart 10 days since T&T Mart opened
T.I.Y Spend at least 25,000 bells at Super T&T 21 days since Super T&T opened
T&T Emporium Spend at least 100,000 bells at T.I.Y. 30 days since T.I.Y. opened Pass Gracie’s Fashion Check at least 4 times

You will know when an upgrade is occurring; the Nooklings will post a new message on the bulletin board before an upgrade notifying the player that the store will be closed all of the next day. On the same day the bulletin is up, the store will also have a closing sale.

Misc. Unlocks

Gardening Store

The Gardening Store, run by a happy little sloth named Leif, will open once you have completed 30 “gardening actions” in town – this includes planting flowers and trees, and pulling weeds.

Garden Shop

Leif’s store in the T&T Emporium

Leif has a relatively small shop stock (which increases as the Nooklings’ store upgrades) – he sells gardening supplies like watering cans, axes, flower seeds and tree saplings, and later on also fertilizer, bush starts and miscellaneous potted plants for your home.

Happy Home Showcase

Pay off your first debt to Tom Nook (so that you aren’t living in a tent anymore). After doing so, visit Tom at Nook’s Homes and the Happy Home Showcase will be available the next day.

Meeting interesting people in HHS.

Not really a shop in itself, the purpose of the HHS is for you to see how people you have StreetPassed decorate their homes. The best feature about the HHS is that you can actually buy furniture from the houses in there (for a marginally higher price than it would cost at the Nooklings’). Not everything is purchasable though; furniture customized by Cyrus cannot be bought, neither can certain special furniture, like seasonal items, trophies earned in game or Tortimer Island furniture.

Cyrus at Re-Tail

When you first move in to town, you may have noticed a blue alpaca napping indefinitely at Re-Tail. At first, if you try to talk to him, Reese will get upset and tell you to stop bothering her hubby.

To wake him up, 7 days must have passed since the creation of your town, and you need to have sold 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese. Additionally, you have to have cataloged 100 furniture items and 50 clothing items (you don’t need the catalog machine unlocked,  just know that you have owned at least that many items).

After he wakes up, he will always be available at Re-Tail to customize your furniture.


After 10 days have passed since the creation of your town, and 8000 bells have been spent at the Able Sisters’ store, a skunk named Kicks will open his shoe store of the same name.


The exterior of Kicks

He sells a wide variety of footwear from sandals to boots, and also socks and stockings.


Harriet the poodle will open her hair salon Shampoodle 10 days after Kicks is built, and also after 10,000 bells have been spent at the Able Sisters’.

Shampoodle, atop the Able Sisters' store

Shampoodle, atop the Able Sisters’ store

Harriet can change your hair (style and color) once a day for 3,000 bells. She also offers a ‘makeup’ service, which will basically give you a mask that looks like your Mii character. Two weeks after your first haircut, she will also give you the option of changing your eye color (not the shape, though).

Public Works Projects /Main Street Shops

With these shops, they won’t show up automatically once you’ve completed the requirements, but you can “unlock” the ability to build them as a Public Works Project. All of these, with the exception of The Roost Cafe, will appear on Main Street once built.

Museum 2F

198,000 bells to build


Celeste, Blathers’ sister.

To unlock the second floor of the museum, you need to have donated:

  • at least one bug, fish, artwork and fossil
  • at least 20 items total

After that, continue speaking to Blathers daily, and one day his dialogue will be different. He’ll mention that he is thinking about adding a second floor to the museum, and after talking to him about it the option to build it will be added to your PWPs list.

The Roost Cafe

298,000 bells to build

Have at least 50 items donated to the Museum. A week after the Museum 2F has been open, Blather will, again, have something on his mind one day. Speaking to him then will add the option to build the Roost Cafe.

The Roost Cafe is owned by a pigeon of few words named Brewster. You can purchase a cup of coffee a day there, and, later on, even work for Brewster as a barista.

You can choose to build The Roost anywhere in town (except Main Street), like other Public Works Projects.

Club LOL

0 bells to build (collect signatures)

After you have reached 100% approval rating and fully become the new mayor of your town, and also after the Nooklings have upgraded their store to T&T Mart, Dr. Shrunk, the funny-looking axolotl will be wandering around your town the next day. If you talk to him, he will express interest in opening up a night club in your town, and ask you to collect signatures for a petition.

Ask 6 of your villagers to fill out the petition, then return it to Dr. Shrunk. You can approve of his request to build Club LOL right then, or, if you refuse, you can find it later on the list of PWPs in the town hall and build it at a different time. It will not cost you any bells.

At night, Club LOL will feature DJ KK (or KK Slider the guitarist on Saturdays) playing music. Villagers will visit from time to time, and you can dance in the club with them.

During the day (from 12-8PM), you can visit Dr. Shrunk before the club is officially open and give him a snack. He will return the favor by telling you a joke, each of which unlocks a new facial expression for you to use in-game.

Katrina’s Fortune-Teller Shop

340,000 bells to build

After having your fortune told by Katrina 20 times, she will offer to build her shop on Main Street.

This works with all characters living in your town, meaning you can have your fortune told up to four times a day with four different characters, on the day Katrina visits your event plaza. You cannot, however, have other people from other towns visit and help out with the unlocking; they can get their fortune told, but it does not help unlock the shop as a Public Works Project.

Having Katrina’s shop in town is useful, mainly to ward off the occasional “bad luck” days, which can be rather annoying as your character will keep tripping and falling over.

Dream Suite

234,000 bells to build

7 days after your town has been created, and after completing at least one Public Works Project, you will find Isabelle asleep and dreaming at her desk one day. Wake her up and talk to her – after the conversation she will add the Dream Suite to your list of Public Works Projects.

The Dream Suite is owned by Luna the tapir. For 500 bells, you may “dream” of another town, or visit a “fake”, archived copy of their town. You can also generate your own dream address and upload a dream version of your own town, so others can visit it.


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