Flappy Bird – Now an MMO

I originally had no interest in Flappy Bird – it looked like a generic rage game to me, but my cousin convinced me to try it and I’d downloaded it just before the creator had it pulled from app stores. I do see the appeal, the simplicity just makes it strangely addicting (my high score is 45).

Anyway, as I’m sure lots of people are aware, Flappy Bird parodies and clones have been popping up everywhere since its removal (probably even before), and now, you can even play Flappy Bird with hundreds of other people at the same time:


Though after the 10th pipe or so it’s basically single player.

You can give it a try over at flapmmo.com – there are two currently different themes, one featuring the original cityscape background with flying birds (slightly altered due to copyright issues) and an underwater version with flopping fish instead. Refresh to change your theme.

It looks like the creators have lots of plans for FlapMMO, according to their Twitter, including more theme packs and the option of playing with just friends rather than with hundreds of random people over public servers. Follow them here if you like.


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