Twitch Plays Pokemon: A New Adventure Begins.

(header image via LiJianliang)

16 days since the beginning of the viral Twitch Plays Pokemon “social experiment”, Red’s journey ended in victory yesterday, as thousands of players guided him through the Elite Four and to championship.

Throughout the adventure, there were many laughs…

The struggle is real. (source: muffywithlove)


Saying goodbye Abby and Jay Leno was hard for everyone. (source: weirdoodl)

and memes:

(via redbubble)

And now, a new story begins, with a new hero by the name of AJDNNW (or AJ, Andrew, AJ DA NEW, etc., whatever you prefer). AJ and his trusty Totodile began their adventure in New Bark Town – the starting town of Pokemon Crystal – twenty short hours ago, and since then, they have already made new friends, and have two badges under their belt.

And, of course, there is already a steady stream of amusing fan art and comics coming in.

AJ’s got a full team of six by now, after hatching the egg – his party consists of:

1) Totodile, AJ’s starting Pokemon – more commonly known as “Lazorgator” or “King Leer II” among fans due to his tendency of spamming Leer in battles (much like the first “King Leer” of Pokemon Red, DUX the Farfetch’d).

2) Pidgey, AJ’s first caught Pokemon. Dubbed “Bird Jesus II”, among other names related to the first “Bird Jesus” of TPP Red.

3) ADiiiiihhh the Sentret, otherwise known as “The Admiral”, or just “Addy”.

4) Then we’ve got OXXOZZ the Caterpie, or “Oxxy Ozworme”.

5) A Togepi hatched from the Egg AJ received; dubbed “Lord Omelette” by fans.

6) And finally a Wooper, commonly called “Whoopi Goldberg”, “Wooper Goldberg”, etc (despite his gender).

So, are you excited to see how this new Twitch Plays Pokemon adventure plays out, or has the novelty started to wear off a bit? Personally, I was interested in seeing a game of a different series/franchise, but I see why they would stick with Pokemon – I imagine it would be quite difficult for something like Twitch Plays: The Legend of Zelda to happen (but it would be awesome). All the same, I wish AJ luck in this new journey, looks like he’ll need some.


4 thoughts on “Twitch Plays Pokemon: A New Adventure Begins.

  1. I would have liked to see Twitch play a different game than Pokemon, but I also understand that there’s no game out there, that’s halfway as iconic as Pokemon, that can be played with the same limited controls. I’ve been told they tried a Twitch Plays Streetfighter, but it failed miserably.

    Ultimately, if we want to keep anarchy mode in place, and we really, really do, then our options are very limited.

    • Yeah, I can imagine how badly Streetfighter would have went down. I agree, I can’t think of another game that would be as successful as Pokemon.

  2. Can’t wait to see the comics and memes that come out when Aj finally meets Red atop Mt. Silver. Lol it’ll be interesting to see a twitch grinds levels for pokemon segment.

    • Yup! Though it does seem like the hype around TPP has died down a lot – earlier I only saw about 16k people playing, and now it’s dwindled down to about 8k. I can’t say if this will be better for AJ or not – probably better, since it’ll be less chaotic, haha.

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