Bear Simulator – Become one with the bears

I never knew how much I wanted to be a bear until I saw this on Kickstarter. What exactly is Bear Simulator? The title of the game says it all –

“Bear Simulator is a game where you play as a bear. You get an open world to explore and do bear stuff. With a variety of different areas to discover and things to find, you can eat fish and plants, steal honey, strike down innocent animals or maybe even discover the horrible mysteries of your forest home.

TL:DR – It’s basically a mini-Skyrim but you’re a bear.”

As a person that thoroughly enjoys Skyrim and the idea of being a bear, this definitely piqued my interest. No, this isn’t the first animal simulator or even bear simulator ever, but it just seems like it’s less of a joke and better thought out than, say, Goat Simulator (I did enjoy that Dead Island parody trailer a lot though, it’s definitely going to be a ridiculous and funny game). Bear Simulator is still quite humorous, but in a more elaborately planned kind of way.

The funding period began only about 10 days ago on March 18, and not only has the $29,500 goal been met, but Farjay Studios has raised over twice as much already, with 2,217 people backing the project at the moment (yes, that many people want to be bears, and the number is still rapidly growing). The funding is going on until April 17th too, so it looks like creator might have to come up with more interesting stretch goals soon as they’ve just blown past that $60,000 mark already.

At this rate, they really might get to become one with the bears.

At this rate, they really might get to become one with the bears.

Now, onto the planned features of the game (so far anyway – this is still in alpha). Among what one would generally expect from a game called Bear Simulator, like being able to rip things apart with your awesome bear claws, foraging for food and running free in a large multi-environment world (the trailer shows lush forests and rocky regions), the Kickstarter page also promises a “catastrophic amount of secrets – the game will be like 30% secret areas and stuff”, and it appears to feature several RPG elements as well, like a quest “with a storyline so compelling it will win several Oscars including Best Lead Actor”, as well as some bear stats that will impact and enhance your experience as a bear. The one I found most interesting is probably the Intelligence stat – no, it doesn’ t affect your wizard-bear spellcasting abilities, but a bear with higher intelligence will be able to comprehend the world around him or her better, like so:


Aside from being delicious meals, some of the lesser animals in the game can actually become your buddies! There isn’t too much said about them yet except that there will be four befriend-able little animals, among which will be a squirrel and a raccoon. They bring gifts of the forest, and stand around your den. Basically your posse. Humans will also be in the game, as both foe (poachers) and food/friend (campers). Polar bears will probably make an appearance some time during the development as well, because apparently people love polar bears.

“Sure it may seem like a “dumb idea” or a “really dumb idea” but you can’t honestly tell me you’ve never secretly wanted to be a bear wandering around the forest. That’s just an outright lie.”

Well, if I hadn’t before, I certainly do now, especially after watching this alpha trailer.

*Bear will mostly be quadrupedal in-game, just like real bears, but for the purpose of game-testing, they’ve entered ‘bipedal mode’ here, hence the awkwardly stuck out forepaws.

Anyway, once again, check out the rest of the pledge prizes on the Kickstarter page if you’re interested (for $80, you can be a random rock for other bears to stumble across!), as well as more in-depth explanations of all the features, stretch goals, and updates to come. Also here, have some links.

Side note, I feel proud of myself – did not make a single lame bear pun in this article. Go me.


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