Pokemon Emerald – The Hunger Games Challenge

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I found an interesting challenge on PokeCommunity today, so I’m starting a new adventure in Pokemon Emerald – in addition to updating on the thread there, I’ll also keep track of progress and losses here.

So, as the title says, this is the Hunger Games challenge, and the rules are quite simple – in short, you will be put in one of the thirteen Districts (or even the Capitol) and you can only use Pokemon types that are based on that District. The thread uses a simple personality quiz to determine the player’s District, and the types are as follows:

District 1 – Luxury – Dragon and Fighting
District 2 – Masonry – Fighting and Rock
District 3 – Technology – Steel and Electric
District 4 – Fishing – Water and Dark
District 5 – Power – Electric and Water
District 6 – Transportation – Flying and Electric
District 7 – Lumber – Grass and Ground
District 8 – Textiles – Psychic and and Flying
District 9 – Grain – Fire and Bug
District 10 – Livestock – Normal and Fighting
District 11 – Agriculture – Bug and Fighting
District 12– Mining – Ground and Fire
District 13 – Graphite and Nuclear – Rock and Ghost
Capitol – Influence – Dark and Ice

D4Despite the fact that I can’t even swim, the quiz insists that I am in District 4 (I tried to retake, but I guess because I like the color blue, drinking water and eating sushi I must be in District 4), so I’ll be using WATER and DARK types only. 

As for the other rules, like a typical Nuzlocke challenge, if a Pokemon faints, it is “dead” and can no longer be used. Another interesting one that I am sure will come in handy is that you can forge an alliance with one Gym (after you defeat the Gym Leader), which allows you to ‘adopt’ and use their type, so you can use up to three types in the challenge.

I’m also going to use an optional rule – since the tributes of the Hunger Games are always children (not counting the Quarter Quell), I’m not going to evolve my Pokemon.

If you want to see the full, more in-depth rules of the challenge, click here!

May the odds be ever in your favor


So, Finnick’s journey starts here; because of my District’s restrictions, I went with Mudkip as my starter. First thing I noticed was that my Mudkip is a girl, which is rare since I’ve always had male starters (only 12.5% of starters are female). I named her Cresta, after Annie Cresta.

Stone Badge

Party: Cresta Lv. 15


I think I prefer to have a smaller but stronger party rather than catching everything suitable for my District (which, admittedly isn’t a lot at this point anyway), so by the first gym, It’s still just Cresta with Finnick. I figure with the type advantage, she’ll be fine on her own here, so we took on Roxanne at level 15. As expected, it wasn’t a problem at all, and we left the Gym near unscathed, with a shiny new Stone Badge.

Granite Cave

I refuse to teach my Pokemon Flash, so I just spent a while bumping into walls of Granite Cave. I did find Steven, though I probably missed a bunch of hidden items due to the fact that I can’t see anything but the small bubble of light around me.


Caught a Sableye! Named her Mephala, after one of the Daedric Princes in the Elder Scrolls. I was going to do all Hunger Games-related names, but there aren’t a lot of known District 4 characters (none that fit a Sableye, anyway).

Knuckle Badge

Party: Cresta Lv. 18, Mephala Lv. 17

Didn’t see myself finding any more suitable Pokemon anytime soon, so I went ahead and challenged Brawly after leveling up Mephala a bit. Guess she’s a bit overleveled, as she took out all three of his Pokemon alone.

Slateport, ho!

Had a close call with Mephala after she got poisoned by a Tentacool at the Slateport beach. Not much else happened here.

Rival battle on route 110, Wally battle at Mauville. Got my Mach bike.

Dynamo Badge

Party: Cresta Lv. 27, Mephala Lv. 28

This battle was more challenging than the previous ones – Cresta mostly sat this one out as she’s at a bit of a disadvantage here (Wattson is the Electric-type Gym leader), but Mephala managed. Good thing I stocked up on potions and Cheri Berries. 3/8 badges now!

Aand with that, I think I’m done for the night. I’m making it a top priority to catch a new tribute tomorrow.

Part 2


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