The Last of Us Cosplay – Part 2

It has been almost 10 months since The Last of Us was released, but no one’s forgotten about this gripping post-apocalyptic tale yet – fans continue to write about, draw, and, of course, cosplay the heroes, anti-heroes and foul-mouthed little girls of this game.

I made a compilation of these back in February, but the group submissions just kept coming in (and they are looking pretty good) so I thought it was time to do this again. The Last of Us cosplay gallery of my favorites, part two! Or you can think of it as kind of a The Last of Us Cosplay: Left Behind Edition, as several of these are inspired by scenes from the DLC.

It wasn’t until after I selected the images that I noticed a majority of these are coming from mainly two cosplayers – ZevyLily, whom I’ve been a fan of since she first started cosplaying Ellie (she’s so cute) and Nerdbutpro, who makes an awesome Ellie as well as Tess.

The other cosplayers are all individually credited too – just hover for their information and click to enlarge. 


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