Pokemon Emerald – The Hunger Games Challenge (part 2)

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Time for an update. First, a quick recap of the challenge’s rules:

  1. You can only use the types of your District – in my case, that’s District 4, WATER- and DARK-types.
  2. You may form an “alliance” with one gym leader after you defeat them, enabling you to use their primary type (so you can use up to 3 types total in the game).
  3. Once a Pokemon faints, it is “dead” and cannot be used anymore. If all your Pokemon die, you lose.
  4. Since the Hunger Games only accepts kids as tributes, you can only capture Pokemon in its first stage – no evolutions. I added onto that and haven’t evolved any of my Pokemon either, so they’re staying “children”.
  5. The challenge ends after you beat the Champion or Red, depending on the game.

Part 1 of my log is here.

Heat Badge

Party: Cresta the Mudkip Lv. 32, Mephala the Sableye Lv. 33

I have been spending too much time being picky about a new Pokemon, so I’ve still just got the two. Been avoiding as many trainer battles as I can so as to not over-level them, but it couldn’t be helped – made it to Lavaridge Town with Cresta at Lv. 32 and Mephala at Lv. 33, so they’re a few levels above Flannery’s team of levels 24-29 Fire-types. I challenged her as soon as I got there – Torkoal actually gave me a bit of trouble, but it wasn’t too bad.

Team’s getting a little lonely, and being desperate for a new Pokemon I finally decided to go fishing and caught a Goldeen – Maris. Because I still only have my Old Rod, my choices are a bit limited – it was either a Magikarp or Goldeen, and while Magikarp does evolve into Gyarados, I’m not going to be evolving any of my Pokemon, so, Goldeen it is.

I’ve missed these dumb interviews.

Balance Badge

Party: Cresta Lv. 34, Mephala Lv. 36, Maris the Goldeen Lv. 29

Since I recall that the Daddy/Norman Gym challenge was quite difficult (for me when I first played R/S/E, anyway), I picked up some potions and trained Maris up to level 29 before challenging him.


Pretty close calls all around, but we’re aliive! Side note, I am pleasantly surprised with Maris – I mean, she’s not amazing but she can hold her own in most battles and is doing a lot better than I expected. Anyway, with daddy’s badge, I can surf now – I don’t use HM slaves, so I’ll be surfing on the back of a goldfish.

First order of business, I head to Route 118 for my Good Rod, so I can catch more than Goldeens and Magikarps. Kind of important considering my District.

Got a Castform at the Weather Institute – obviously not gonna use that but I needed Team Aqua off the bridge. Rival battle at the end of the bridge, then she gave me HM02! Gotta catch a bird to teach it to.

But first, we’re going Absol hunting in Route 120.

7 years later…


Those things are hard to find. But finally, a boy joins the team. I named him Hades, after the god of the underworld in Greek mythology.

I had hoped I would have more options by the time I got Fly, but with the current restrictions I have, it seems like the only Pokemon I can catch for the job is a Wingull. I caught a boy and named him Irving, but he didn’t quite make it – died during the training.

I don’t think another Wingull is gonna cut it so I’m not gonna bother with catching one – my next gym battle is Winona anyway and I think I’ll ally with her after, just for the sake of having a decent Flying-type on my team. I’m thinking of going back to for a Skarmory.


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