The Wolf Among Us – Fable Entries (Episode 3: A Crooked Mile)

Here are all the Book of Fable entries of Episode 3: A Crooked Mile. For entries from the other episodes:

Episode 1: Faith

Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors

Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing

There is a total of 11 new entries in Episode 3, 6 of which are “missable” – Troll Funeral Rites, Flycatcher, Headless Horseman, The Trip Trap Bar, Glamour Tube and Glamour Tree. Explanations for how to unlock then are given under the entries. Note that you cannot unlock all 11 entries in one playthrough/save file.

Troll Funeral Rites

The Long Absence


“The gaze of Great Mother Death is always upon us. Beneath her affectionate eye we fight our battles. We nurse our wounds. We shout our victories. We endure our sorrows. And when we fall, she is there. Her embrace is the silence of the mountain, the heavy peace of the Stone.” – Approximately translated. A troll funeral is a sacred ritual, passed down by oral traditions from troll-mother to son. It begins at sunset with the creation of the Cairn, a small pile of stones to represent the many generations of trolls that have traveled and died before them, the foundation upon which the living stand. Weapons are divided amongst the troll’s closest comrades, the body and the rest of their possessions are burned, and though each viewer must speak to the life of the lost, the eulogy’s candor would make a mundy blush.

Missable entry: When given the option, do not interrupt Snow during her eulogy. Investigate the table nearby for this entry.


Georgie’s Girl


Much of Vivian’s past is unknown since she prefers not to talk about her life back in the Homelands. She wanted to start fresh in Fabletown, but she finds herself working for Georgie at the Pudding and Pie. It’s not a terrible life. Georgie took a liking to Vivian, so he doesn’t make her take jobs at the Open Arms. Instead she plays hostess and helps Georgie ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Dr. Swineheart

The Army Surgeon


Dr. Swineheart is the resident Fabletown physician. So skilled in the art of instrumental surgery that he can safely operate on himself, he served as an army medic for many years, sometimes using his talents to impress the locals. He currently runs the “Special Research Section” of the Knights of Malta Hospital, so named to discourage people for investigating what is actually a reserved, Fables-focused health facility.


The Frog Prince


A former prince turned to a frog by a witch, the friendly, genial Flycatcher now carries the nickname as an unsubtle reference to his propensity for catching and eating flies. His wife and their children were brutally murdered back in the Homelands, a fact he attempts to deny himself by committing to a series of endless tasks and janitorial duties.

Missable entry: When given the option, go investigate the Tweedles’ office. Speak to Flycatcher, and eventually he’ll ask to come back to work at the Woodlands – you’ll get the entry from him no matter what you choose (I offered to give him his job back, which unlocked it for me, but others have said choosing “not my problem” works too, so I’m pretty sure you get it either way).

Headless Horseman

The Hessian Spirit

Headless Horseman

Thought to be the spirit of a particularly fearsome, especially macabre German military contractor, the Headless Horseman lost his head from cannon fire during the Revolutionary War. Most famous for hounding Ichabod Crane one night in the woods of Sleepy Hollow, it is rumored that this phantom is only the most recent incarnation of a primordial demon, whose previous forms include a Middle-Aged chieftain who brandished a whip made from human bone, and a Scottish lord who was decapitated in a fight over shares of land.

Missable entry: When given the option, go investigate Crane’s apartment, and within it check out his Headless Horseman statue to get this entry.

The Trip Trap Bar

The Watering Hole


The oldest bar in New York City, the Trip Trap was established in 1725 in secret by Starkad – the legendary Viking and reprobate – as a place for Fables to meet and drink and commisterate. Known then as the Grammarian’s Tavern, he eventually lost it in a bet to a tribe of mountain trolls, who quickly renamed it and made it their own. Holly is the current proprietor, having inherited it from her mother when she died in a boating accident in the early 20th century.

Missable entry: When given the option, go investigate Holly’s bar.

Aunty Greenleaf

The White Deer

Aunty Greenleaf

Horticulturist, alchemist, and lover of animals, Aunty Greenleaf is one of the few rogue witches still living outside of the Thirteenth Floor, unsupervised and unrestricted. Rumored to have lost a daughter in the Homelands, she suffers paranoia and depressive mood swings, and will only venture outside at irregular hours under the guise of an ethereal, white deer, an oft-whispered specter of Brookhaven natives.

Glamour Tree

The Last Seed

Glamour Tree

Grown from a seed spirited away from her family’s enchanted orchard, this tree is the sole remaining source of Aunty Greenleaf’s magical enchantments. Its bark is used for Glamour tubes, its leaves are crushed for ointments and spells, and its twigs and sticks can be used as rods for a variety of entrancing purposes.

Missable entry: When given the option, burn Aunty Greenleaf’s Glamour tree (thanks, mclovesth!)

Glamour Tube

The Handy Disguise

Glamour Tube

Glamours can be produced in a variety of ways, but one of the most common due to its ease of use is to take a small, hollowed out tube or container, and place within it several items unique to whomever the caster want to copy. A witch is required for the reactionary charm. Two downsides of this type of glamour is that totally unique appearances are completely impossible, and the nature of the vessel makes it quite unstable.

Missable entry: When given the option, do not burn Aunty Greenleaf’s Glamour tree.

Ring of Dispel

The Arthurian Band


Reputed to be fashioned by a Byzantine clan in an attempt to ward off a coven of witches, the Ring of Dispel (or Dispelling Ring, or Magic-Canceling Ring) eventually was given to Lancelot by the Lady in the Lake. Recovered by the Business Office after the emigration to New Amsterdam, it was assigned to Greenleaf for caretaking.

Bloody Mary

The Urban Legend

Bloody Mary

The true history of the person known as “Bloody Mary” is almost completely unknown, even to Fables most acquainted with its members. Her name Mary, at least, is not up for contention, nor is her penchant for shocking violence, an inlaid resistance to magic and spells, and a strange ability to use any reflective surface as a portal, effectively short-cutting space and time. Thought by mundies to be the wailing apparition of a childless ghost, though any evidence of that is as yet unseen.


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  3. You might wanna fix the glamour tree: the last seed missable entry. I’ve already played the game and did not burn down the tree, but it didn’t unlock. All the other guides say to burn it down and wen I did it unlocked. Just saying u might wanna fix tht so other don’t get the wron idea 🙂

    • Thank you mclovetsh for your info i myself didn’t burn the tree and didn’t get the book. This guide has been great though even for this mistake it has helped me thank you both 🙂

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