The Wolf Among Us – Fable Entries (Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors)

Here are all the Book of Fable entries in Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors. For entries from the other episodes:

Episode 1: Faith

Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors

Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing

There is a total of 11 new entries in Episode 2, 3 of which are “missable” –Ichabod’s Denial, Bluebeard’s Mercy and the Magic Mirror. Explanations for how to unlock then are given under the entries. Note that you cannot unlock all 11 entries in one playthrough/save file.

Ichabod’s Denial

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod's Denial

During his days in Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane fell in love with a wealthy young woman named Katrina van Tressel. She was beautiful and very rich, but that meant she also caught the attention of another suitor, Abraham “Brom” van Brunt. As Ichabod’s rival, Brom would plan nasty pranks in order to humiliate the often superstitious schoolteacher. Despite Brom’s plots to win Katrina over, Ichabod believed he would be chosen as her favorite. After a party at her father’s home, Ichabod proposed to Katrina and was very quickly rejected. He immediately rode off in shame and was never seen in Sleepy Hollow again. According to Crane, he was chased out of town by the Headless Horseman, but in reality it was probably just another one of Brom’s pranks.

Missable entry: During the interrogation scene, have Bigby beat up the suspect (Woody or Dee, depending on your actions in the previous episode).

Bluebeard’s Mercy

Bluebeard’s Last Wife

Bluebeard's Mercy

After a long line of marriages resulting in “mysterious disappearances”, Bluebeard’s last wife in the Homelands was naturally suspicious of him. One day he departed on business, leaving her alone in his estate. He gave her free reign of all the rooms, but made her promise not to open the closet on the ground floor. She defied him, of course, and discovered the location of his missing wives. When Bluebeard returned he knew he must kill her before she revealed his murderous secret. She persuaded him to allow her a moment to pray, which he reluctantly granted. This small mercy gave her brothers time to arrive and rescue her, and Bluebeard’s crimes were exposed.

Missable entry: During the interrogation scene, do not hurt the suspect (Woody or Dee, depending on your actions in the previous episode).

Thirteenth Floor

The Witches and Wizards of Fabletown

Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor of the Woodland building is home to a group of witches and wizards tasked with the protection of Fabletown. They use their powers to keep the community hidden from prying mundie eyes, but all magic has its limits… and every spell has its cost.

The Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror speaks mostly in rhyme and demands that others do the same. He also requires the name of whatever object or person you wish to find. If you follow these rules, the mirror will show you a glimpse of whatever you want to see, but nothing more.

Missable entry: After you question TJ at the Business Office, do not go down the Witching Well yet; examine the Magic Mirror to get this entry.

The Witching Well

Witching Well

The Witching Well is located in a chamber inside the Woodland building, where it is used to dispose of things meant never to be seen again. Dead Fables are committed to its depths, as are the most unredeemable criminals. No one is entirely sure what lies at the bottom of the bell, nor indeed if it has a bottom at all, but it is widely assumed to be the passageway to the final resting place.

Jack Horner

Harmless Trickster


Jack is always up to something, but he’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. His plans to get rich quick often backfire, but his confidence never wavers. He thinks he’s the most important person in Fabletown, but everyone knows him as a mostly harmless smart ass.


Estranged Sister


Lily and her sister Holly grew up in the Homelands together, but had a falling out shortly after moving to the mundane world. Aimless and increasingly destitute, Lily turned to prostitution, and now she’s the second victim in an ongoing murder investigation.

Troll Cross

Lily’s Brooch

Troll Brooch

A troll cross is an amulet made of iron that was foolishly thought to protect the wearer from trolls. Lily acquired hers while wandering through the wilderness searching for something to eat. She came across a human, but before she could devour him he held the troll cross out and shouted, “Back! Back you troll!” After enjoying her tasty snack, Lily plucked the cross from the dead man’s hands. After the Exodus, she wore the troll cross constantly as a reminder of better days.

Georgie Porgie

The Pimp


Georgie runs the Pudding and Pie, a strip club that also caters to the unmentionable desires of Fabletown’s citizens. He has tried just about everything there is to try in pursuit of worldly pleasures, but none of it satisfies him for long. He does seem to enjoy pushing people’s buttons. He takes pride in his nightclub, and doesn’t react well to anyone meddling in his affairs.

Clever Hans



Clever Hans always does exactly as he’s told. However, he often misunderstands his instructions and ends up hurting himself or behaving oddly, as in the case of his noted fable, where he threw sheep’s eyes at his wife. Unsurprisingly, she left him, and now Hans works as a bouncer at Georgie’s club. He hopes to dance on stage one day, but for now he’s content sweeping up and making sure the crowd doesn’t get out of hand.


The Little Mermaid


Nerissa’s story never had a happy ending. She’s known as the Little Mermaid, the young girl who gave up her tail for a pair of legs in the hopes of winning the heart of a handsome prince. When he married a princess instead, Nerissa was left heartbroken. She made the journey to the mundane world hoping for a better life. Now she dances at the Pudding and Pie, but each step she takes feels like walking on shards of glass. She has very little left, but finds some comfort in the company of her fellow dancers.


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