Check out the amazing character creation process of Black Desert

I’ve always loved games that allow you to customize your character’s physical appearance – while I know that it ultimately has no impact on gameplay, and you’re mostly going to be in first-person view or looking at the back of your character’s head anyway, I can’t help but spend way too much time in character creation suites, carefully designing my character’s looks. I’m generally more immersed in the game if I create a character that fits into the game’s world and setting, and is, well, attractive.


Though sometimes, it’s just fun to create one hell of an ugly character for shits and giggles. via

So, when I saw the character creation suite for an upcoming MMORPG called Black Desert, I was blown away by the extent of customization options players are given. From tugging and shortening sections of hair to create unique hairstyles, to being able to adjust and tweak practically every part of the face, this is by far the most detailed and complex character creation I have ever seen. See for yourself!

I spent close to an hour creating my first Shepard in Mass Effect, and I still find mods to tweak my Skyrim characters now and then; don’t even want to imagine how long it would take me to even start this game. I have to say though, even though I first heard of Black Desert because of its cool character creation process, this definitely looks like a very interesting sandbox MMORPG – not only are the graphics stunning, but it offers a lot of unique features and immersive details, such as biomes and weather that will affect gameplay, fully customizable homes, and mount breeding. In terms of combat, the system is described as being similar to that of the Elder Scrolls’, and a decent selection of classes to choose from.

For more information on Black Desert, take a look at the rest of their trailers and gameplay videos here.


4 thoughts on “Check out the amazing character creation process of Black Desert

  1. I spend way too long in character creators. Mods in Skyrim, APB, and the game after my own heart Dragon’s Dogma being notable stand out titles.

    I don’t know if I can play this. I feel like I wouldn’t get out of the character creation.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean, I could potentially spend hours on that. Still, I’m pretty excited about this game – not a lot of MMORPGs pique my interest but this one looks really cool (not just because of the character creation :P).

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