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It’s finally happening. After years of jokes, memes and speculation, and over a decade after its original release, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are coming to the 3DS (and 2DS, for the economical gamer)! I suppose it was bound to happen; Gen I and II got remakes, it was only a matter of time before it was Gen III’s turn, given its success and popularity.

There’s not much information disclosed so far, other than the titles of the games and the month of release. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are coming our way November 2014, as stated in this exciting trailer of box art and zooming text.

It’s likely going to be a Hoenn remake, however the trailer/teaser does say “explore a dramatic new world”, which Hoenn is not. I suppose in 3D it will look like a dramatic new world, or, as TheJWittz put it, maybe this is just “trailer jargon”.

I expected the next Pokemon game out to be Pokemon Z, but this is certainly a pleasant surprise. As someone who already owns X I’m definitely more excited for these RSE remakes; second to Gen VI (and remakes aside), I’d say the Hoenn games are my most played of the Pokemon franchise, and Sapphire was actually the first Pokemon game where I’d beat the Elite Four and Champion. I really hope the Trick House and secret bases make a return! They were pretty cool and unique features of the Gen III games.

This wasn’t a feature of RSE, but something else I’ve wanted to see again for a long time are walking Pokemon, first seen in Pokemon Yellow (Pikachu only) and Gen II remakes, SoulSilver and HeartGold. Little things that I appreciate, just throwing that out there. ūüôā

All that aside, I do know that some people chose to hold out for Pokemon Z, and it’s likely the release date for that will be pushed back to 2015 now, so I wonder how those people feel about this.


Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are confirmed remakes of the originals, so Hoenn confirmed, indeed! After all the confusion and speculation of the game potentially not taking place in Hoenn, Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the games are full scale remakes.

“Following its reveal yesterday, there has been some question as to the actual content of Pok√©mon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, as to whether they’re remakes or new versions due to the wording of the announcement. During the Investor Briefing today, Satoru Iwata confirmed that Pok√©mon Omega Ruby & Pok√©mon Alpha Sapphire are full-remakes of the 2002 releases, Pok√©mon Ruby & Sapphire. We’ll bring more on these games as it comes.”

– via Serebii.net

Update #2

Here’s a bit of a sneak peak at the game; Pokemon Get TV just revealed a bit of footage with Groudon and Kyogre in 3D.


6 thoughts on “Pokemon R/S/E: HOENN REMAKES CONFIRMED

  1. I’m looking forward to z. As someone who skipped Gen III, I’m only sorta kinda excited. Hopefully the story is the same, otherwise I have to track down a copy of emerald.

    Also, hell yeah to walking Pokemon! It’s one of my favorite features in Yellow and HeartGold. HeartGold especially. I loved having my Scizor follow me around like the badass he is.

    • Did you play XY already, or have you been waiting for Z all along?

      And mine too! Such a small detail, but I loved it. I suppose walking Pokemon will be harder to implement if the game is going to have XY graphics. Maybe they could just have a select few Pokemon be able to follow the player, like in Amity Square.

      • I played the crap out of X. Lol I was just excited to see how Z could be tied I to the story. I played X until I had a fully EV near perfect IV team. At my college we got hardcore into pokemon battling, even though I suck at competitive play.

        But yeah, X and Y had a semblance of realism, so Pokemon like Onix would look silly and decomposed following, and I feel like it might be a bit more jarring than if it was their sprite. Really, I just want a Greninja megaform. Seems silly the generation they add mega evolutions they don’t give to their own starters.

      • Yeah, quite a bit more fun and less tedious to breed perfect Pokemon in XY haha.

        Imagine a Wailord following. D: The Megas kind of seemed like fan-service to me, seems like only popular fan favorites got Mega forms, like Absol and Blaziken (especially since Blaziken was the only Gen III starter that got one, and Charmander had two forms). But yeah, there should definitely be more Megas.

      • I didn’t care about perfect IVs until the guys at my school started cloning a perfect IV shiny Japanese Ditto. So with that, the grinding of breeding was lessened and just enough for me to make a halfway decent team.

        But yeah, the mega evolutions were total fan service. HOWEVER, I got a mega scizor out of it, so I can only complain but so much. lol X and Y also made me realize I don’t really care for the gen 1 starters, which apparently is blasphemy.

  2. I’m so excited for this game, wish it would come out already. But I guess more time to breed pokemon and finalize teams @_@

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