The Wolf Among Us – Fable Entries (Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing)

Here are all the Book of Fable entries in Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing. For entries from the other episodes:

Episode 1: Faith

Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors

Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing

There is a total of 12 new entries in Episode 4, 3 of which are “missable” – Donkeyskin CoatBriar Rose and Johann. Explanations for how to unlock then are given under the entries. Note that you cannot unlock all 12 entries in one playthrough/save file.

Collecting all 12 entries this chapter will earn you the Master Librarian achievement.

Silver Bullets

Wolf’s Weakness

Silver Bullets

The legends of great and magical wolves often make mention of their weakness against weapons made of silver. And those tales bear out to be true.The silver bullet Mary shot Bigby with was not the first. But any of them could be his last. Any silver left in Bigby’s body weakens his system, slows his healing, and can cause long-term damage.

Acting Deputy

Snow White

Acting Deputy

With Ichabod Crane firmly out of the picture, and King Cole still absent, the task of leading Fabletown falls squarely on Snow’s shoulders. She has performed many of the job’s duties for a long time, picking up the slack for Crane. But now that she’s fully in charge of the Business Office, she has to deal with a new level of politicking she had not previously been exposed to.

Donkeyskin Coat

Hide in Plain Sight

Donkeyskin Coat

Only the truly beautiful will fully understand the power of a coat that makes its wearer appear ugly. It is the power to be invisible while still being seen. Unfortunately, its value can also be hard to see. But it is still a magic coat and, to some collectors, that is enough.

Missable entry: At the end of the scene in Beauty and the Beast’s apartment, you will be given the choice between going to the Lucky Pawn Shop first, or the Butcher Shop. Choose the Lucky Pawn Shop, and as the scene progresses you will automatically get this entry.

Briar Rose

The Sleeping Beauty

Briar Rose

One of the few Fables to find fortune in this world, Briar Rose has even turned her weakness into a strength. When her finger is pricked, it not only puts her to sleep, but also those within a certain radius of her slumber. This can be a powerful tool, and is just one of the many ways this Sleeping Beauty is more than just a pretty face. If only she didn’t need a kiss from a prince to wake her up.

Missable entry: At the end of the scene in Beauty and the Beast’s apartment, you will be given the choice between going to the Lucky Pawn Shop first, or the Butcher Shop. Choose the Lucky Pawn Shop. When you speak with Jack, tell him you’ll take a look around, and in one of the display cases, you will see Briar Rose’s pincushion.

The Jersey Devil

Garden State Goon

The Jersey Devil

Not all of the Fables who came to this world landed in Fabletown. There are those who scattered across the farthest corners of the Earth. And there are those who simply prefer the Garden State to the Empire State. Such is the Jersey Devil. Reports of its appearance have varied… although most accounts make mention of leathery wings. But an encounter with a certain axe of legend some years ago has temporarily rendered that feature absent.

Woodsman’s Axe

Ensorcelled by Druids

Woodsman's Axe

Once just a simple tool for felling trees, the axe became much more when it was ensorcelled by Druids and marked with their runes. But it truly became an object of legend when the Woodsman used it to slice the Big Bad Wolf from nave to neck, in protection of Little Red Riding Hood. It may carry Old World Charm, but its simplicity of design and quality workmanship make it an effective tool – or weapon – even today.


The Butcher


His name is often said in the same breath as that of the Baker and Candlestick Maker of Fabletown. And like those other tradesmen, Johann the Butcher’s storefront has served Fabletown for ages: fresh cuts, exotic meats, and even full sides of beef for the vigorous appetites of ogres and trolls. But Johann’s business has fallen on hard times and fallen in with the wrong crowd. As the quality of his product declined, and his business turned into a front operation for the Crooked Man, some have started to wonder if they ever really knew Johann.

Missable entry: At the end of the scene in Beauty and the Beast’s apartment, you will be given the choice between going to the Lucky Pawn Shop first, or the Butcher Shop. Choose the Butcher Shop, and as the scene progresses you will automatically get this entry.

Bluebeard’s Money

Bluebeard's Money

One might think that Bluebeard donates funds to the Fabletown government for nefarious purposes – seeking special favors, or to have a louder voice in government proceedings. But what he really wants is stability and strength. Because, as far as Bluebeard is concerned, Fabletown exists to insulate him from the Mundy world. As much as his money can be a sword, it also serves as a shield.

The Crooked Lair


The Crooked Lair

Occupying a desanctified church, this is just one of the many locations the Crooked Man’s operation uses to run the Fabletown underworld. Its lounge atmosphere makes for a comfortable meeting place, unless you are an unwelcome guest. It is completely boarded up to the outside world, and the only way in is through one of the many portals, marked by a door with the Crooked Man’s Catherine Wheel Icon, scattered throughout the city… and elsewhere.

The Crooked Man

Crime Lord

The Crooked Man

The Crooked Man has slowly built himself into one of the most powerful figures in Fabletown. His operation started with a crooked sixpence and a crooked house – two things he cared about more than his wife or children, whom he killed rather than let them stand in his way. In his rise, The Crooked Man has ensnared many Fables in his criminal web, providing them with what they need, but always at a high cost. He is cunning, persuasive, and ruthless.

Tiny Tim


Tiny Tim

While most Fables theorize that their longevity and overall wellbeing is improved by the Mundy world’s knowledge of them, for a select few, that does not seem to apply.When a malady or injury is an integral part of a Fable’s story, that notoriety can make recovery nearly impossible. That’s what Tiny Tim thinks, at least. And no medical care or magic – rather, none that he can afford – can heal his leg.

Life on the Farm

Life on the Farm

With its idyllic location, and managed community, the Farm would seem to be a welcome alternative to eking out an existence in Fabletown. But those who have lived there see it very differently. They see it for what it is: a prison. A place where you are free to be who you are and do whatever you please… except leave. It doesn’t help that while Fables who appear human do not have to worry about being sent to the Farm, they always seem to fill the leadership roles there.


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