Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: “Top 2” Experiments

top 2“The Innkeeper is wondering which two cards work best together. Show him – choose 2 cards and we’ll fill your deck with them!”

This week’s Tavern Brawl is incredibly simple, but I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with different “decks”. Hearthstone is usually a game that requires thinking and strategizing, and while there is still some element of that in this brawl, I’ve mostly just been playing around with weird combos that aren’t necessarily as effective as some but just made me laugh.

Within hours of its release, people have already found some of the most tough to beat combos (which, of course, consequently became the most popular and overplayed ones that I kept seeing – looking at you, Mechwarper), but I was more interested in trying to do something different than the typical Coldlight Oracle/Naturalize or Mana Wyrm/Missiles thing – in experimenting I came up with a lot of terrible ideas (like, a lot), but also a few decks that worked in my favor most of the time, and were just fun to play.

A few things worth mentioning before we start – I am by no means a “good” Hearthstone player, which means two things: I don’t come up with excellent ideas in the first place, but also that my collection is missing a lot of key cards so I have to make do with what I have. With that in mind, here are some of the least terrible but somewhat original ideas that I tried over the weekend.

Innervate + Master Jouster

This is not totally innovative in that most people had already figured running Innervate with a higher cost card is pretty good for this brawl, but I picked Master Jouster for a few reasons – firstly, I don’t have Y’Shaarj, which is obviously ideal for this combo, but with Master Jouster, it’s still a big enough card to deal with most minions and slow down any fast decks. It’s also not too high cost, so I can get more of these on board quicker than the 8-10 minion cards.

Most decks that do run minions don’t have very high cost ones, so I’m pretty much guaranteed to win the joust, and the Divine Shield + Taunt is pretty annoying to deal with. Even against the decks that had spells which ignored Taunt I was able to win (eg. Sinister Strike and Mind Blast), because they couldn’t get rid of these guys, who did a consistent 5 damage each per turn. I had a near 100% win rate with this, losing only to the Coldlight Oracle/Naturalize combo since that spell ignores Divine Shield/Taunt and I couldn’t prevent overdrawing.

Innervate + Questing Adventurer

Not too much to say about this, unleash the Adventurers starting turn 3 and keep buffing them all for free, they’ll be pretty hard to deal with but hard to ignore, since they become giants very quickly.

Shadowstep + Goblin Auto-Barber

I was pretty happy with this one – win rate isn’t as incredible as Innervate Jouster but it was still really fun to play and I felt like I was being original since I hadn’t seen anything else like it 😛 (I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with something like this, I just haven’t seen anyone else play it myself). The idea is to just buff up your weapon repeatedly and then smash face with it. While they’re busy trying to deal with my board (and some decks can’t even effectively deal with 3/2 minions, so I get a lot of face damage out of the Barbers too), they can’t do anything to prevent my weapon from gaining attack like crazy since I’m Shadowstepping and triggering the Battlecries of my minions for free.

top 2

Unless you’re this guy and you’ve got Oozes in your deck.

I did win against a Mechwarper deck with this once, but I think they were just playing it poorly or had really bad draw luck since they couldn’t get more than one Mechwarper on board at a time.

Demonfire + Voidwalker

Another very self-explanatory one, if your opponent can’t cull them while they’re little they grow into pretty scary demons very quickly. I suppose you can also use the Demonfire to kill enemy minions in a pinch, but in my experience, buffing the Voidwalkers is enough to keep them at bay.

Arcane Missiles + Bloodmage Thalnos

Fun fact: it took me many, many packs to get my first Legendary – I was so excited when I hovered over the card and it glowed orange, and it was… Thalnos (it’s also still only one of the two Legendaries I have, the other being a Grommash I got yesterday). It’s not a bad card, but when you see that orange glow you naturally have higher expectations. 😛

This actually did surprisingly well in the matchups I played – they’re cheap cards and the Thalnoses draws more cards when they die. Thalnos is too easy to ignore for most, they see the 1/1 on board and just go face, thinking it can’t do much but the spell damage really adds up and a couple of these guys on board make the missiles crazy good.

Wrapping up

This brawl is coming to an end, but I do hope to see it again in the (not too near) future, it was interesting! Not to mention a great way to rack up gold and complete quests quickly, earned quite a few packs over the weekend. 😀


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