Stardew Valley: Farm completed! (what do I do now?)


This game is not good for my health.

I loved Harvest Moon as a kid. Friends of Mineral Town was easily one of the most played games of my childhood – there’s just something very rewarding about slowly turning your Grandpa’s messy, overgrown farm into a prosperous piece of land, and having the tiny, cramped house grow into a nice and comfortable home. Stardew Valley was all of this and so much more, so when I got my hands on this, I couldn’t put it down.

I love customization and decoration in games – I’m the kind of person that spends hours designing my Sims’ house or building detailed structures in Minecraft, so the ability to fully decorate every inch of your farm and house was easily the most exciting part of the game for me. This is what I’ve achieved by Year 4:

The Farm


I took multiple screenshots and stitched them together in GIMP, which is why I seem to have multiplied all over the place. Click for full-size image (opens in new tab).

I went for aesthetics more than efficiency with my layout, but the greenhouse makes more money than I can use, so I just focused more on making this pretty. 😀 My outdoor crops are really just for looks, I plant them in the beginning of the season and just let them sit for the next 28 days. Too much of a hassle for too little income – I have fish to catch and monsters to slay.

There’s still some blank space I mean to fill out (beside Grandpa’s shrine and by the Slime Hutch), but I’m pretty happy with this right now. Looks gorgeous in Fall – probably my favorite season aesthetically.


stardew home

I also modded my kid so he would have dark hair like his parents. 😛 Again, click for full-size.

There’s a lot of crazy wallpapers and interesting furniture, but I just went with the more boring but realistic home, with a rustic theme. I also used a mod that replaced some of the house plants with children’s toys, so that the nursery looked more like a nursery.

This actually took an incredibly long time – I literally spent an entire winter doing nothing except visiting Robin to check her furniture stock, then checking out the wallpaper selection for the day, go to bed, repeat. I’m pretty sure I have at least of every house plant in the game, which I kept buying “just in case” I needed more or wanted to swap some out for a different design.

That’s all (for now)

With my main goal completed, I think I can put this game behind me for the time being – however, another difference between Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon games is that being on PC, the dev can actually update this with new content (and he has been! Props to ConcernedApe for continuously working on this for the fans) so I’ll inevitably pick this up again when a big enough update comes around. I am really excited for the upcoming multiplayer mode, can’t wait to see how that’ll work out!


2 thoughts on “Stardew Valley: Farm completed! (what do I do now?)

    • Thank you, and I agree! I am loving the ability to add mods, and I really like how creative the modding community has been. Can’t wait to see how Stardew Valley grows from here.

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